Can I apply Classico with a roller?
Yes, with a  lint free, 5-6 mm roller for smooth  surfaces
For the old hand applied finish, we recommend applying the paint with a brush.
Don't cut edges in advance and work either in the same direction or criss-cross.
Should I prep the surface?

Although Classico is a no or little prep paint,
some surfaces might need extra attention. Old finishes might contain wax, grease/oil or silicone. If that's the case (or if you’re not sure) we recommend cleaning the surface with Pure & Original Super Cleaner.  Silicons need to be sanded down. It’s recommended to roughen shiny surfaces slightly with sanding paper for maximum adhesion. Make sure your surface is free of dust and coherent.
Is Classico washable?

Yes, once chalk is cured (2 weeks) you can clean it with a warm, damp cloth. Don't rub to prevent shiny spots. It's recommended to protect high traffic areas and wet rooms  with our Dead Flat Ecosealer.
Instructions and downloads
Technical data sheetData sheet Classico
Safety Sheet Classico: MSDS
Dead Flat Ecosealer
Is Classico paint environmentally friendly?

Yes, Classico meets the most stringent environmental requirements. Low VOC, below 30. No or minimal odor.
How long does it take for Classico paint to dry?

In general, we suggest waiting 4 hours in between the layers.
How many square feet can I cover with Classico paint?

The general indication is about 130 square feet/ per liter. It depends on the surface, dilution and application technique. In most cases, it goes even further.
Should I dilute Classico Chalk Based paint?

Yes, adding water makes the paint easier to work with, we suggest to dilute up to 10% with water.
Is the color of Classico consistent?
How long can I keep Classico?
If kept in the original and closed can, in a frost free area at least 12 months. 
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Wait a few days to let the chalk cure. Apply one or two, thin (dilution +-15% with water),
layers of Dead Flat Ecosealer with a brush or air-spray. Wait 12 hours in between the layers. Don’t use a roller to prevent air bubbles.
Technical sheet Dead Flat Ecosealer

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