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Spring Blossom

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Classico chalk based paint

Classico is a chalk based paint and creates a powdery, equal matte finish.
Our chalk based paint has a great adherence and coverage, ideal for walls and furniture.

Classico is made with respect for human and nature (VOC <30),
all rich colors are made with mineral pigments only. Although Classico is washable,
for high-traffic or high-moisture areas, we recommend finishing with Dead Flat Eco Sealer.
This will give additional protection and is easily cleanable.
Find more technical information under “product information”.

Theoretical coverage: 129 ft2 / 12 m2 per liter
(coverage can vary depending on underground,
application technique and dilution)

Classico 250 ml / 8.4 fl.oz samples are ideal
for small projects. Coverage is about 30 ft2.

Color sheets are hand painted.

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