New Spring Colors 2019

Colors influence our state of mind; we love to take you with us to a sunny summer day with our new spring colors 2019. The sunset, fresh spring blossom, air filled with sweet smells, energy, and sunlight with soft summer shadows. Enjoy the fields under the warm sun, picking wildflowers and lying under a tree filled with green leaves and fresh fruit.

Precious moments captured in a limited edition collection, containing seven various shades.

1. Spring Blossom – The first blossom on an early day in spring is as if the world is opening again:

the smell of sweet flowers in soft white and pink tints.

2. Calm – Stilled, into deep focus, relax.

3. Soft Flamingo – The innocence of a young flamingo, full of downy feathers, refined and tender.

4. Chalky Coral – A softer nuance of Coral, a powerful pink with greyish shade. Colorful, but yet calm.

5. Coral – Full of life and color, like a world in itself, lost in wonder. Eccentric and exuberant.

6. Dusty Lavender – When a gentle breeze blows over the lavender fields, an overwhelming spectrum

of scents fill the air: sweet, intense, spicy and full of passion.

7. Butterscotch – A distinctive color like the setting sun, grasses in a warm landscape or the coziness around a campfire

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