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Carazzo Floor Paint

Our new Carazzo is a superstrong, water-based, multi-purpose, floor-paint
Old Flax-Fresco lime paint-Iris Floor-pu

Carazzo universal floor paint is an ultra-durable, silk-matte, water-based, floor-paint but also an excellent finish for staircases and other high-traffic surfaces like kitchen cabinet-doors, commercial projects, doors and more. No top coat required. Traditionally made with respect for the environment and safety of the users.


Carazzo is:

  • Superstrong

  • Scratch resistant 

  • Scrub-proof

  • Washable

  • Skin fat resistant

  • It is applicable to concrete, wood, stairs, doors, window frames, furniture and more.

  • Provides high adhesion.

  • Highly durable


New or oil-based surfaces need to be prepared with one coat of Pure & Original

Omni Prim to ensure perfect adhesion and durability. Then apply two coats of Carazzo. Custom filled sample-sizes are available, and we'll be happy to advise!

Please note: the color of our lacquers may appear slightly deeper and

brighter in color than the Classico chalk-based paint on the color chard.

Find your color

Step by step application

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