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Sustainable paints & healthy living spaces

At Pure & Original, we’re not just about paint; we’re about painting a brighter, more sustainable future. Our commitment to eco-friendly practices is ingrained in every aspect of our brand, from the ingredients we source to the packaging we use.

We’re passionate about delivering natural paints that not only adorn your walls with beauty but also contribute positively to the planet.

Environmentally conscious paint ingredients

Pure & Original paint is meticulously crafted with sustainable, safe, and natural ingredients. Our paints feature 100% natural and organic pigments, are water-based, and free from unnecessary additives. Achieving the lowest possible VOC levels, some variants are entirely VOC-free. Additionally, all our paints are vegan-friendly, devoid of animal by-products, and cruelty-free. Designed to promote a healthier indoor environment, our paint is safe for your family, suitable for sensitive individuals, and compatible with allergy sufferers.

Recyclable packaging

Our dedication to sustainability extends beyond the paint itself to the packaging it comes in. We strive to make our packaging as recyclable as possible for successful delivery. Our paint cans are crafted from 100% recyclable steel and adorned with PET labels that are also recyclable. Additionally, our packing materials are predominantly cardboard boxes and stuffed paper or corn-based stuffing, minimizing our environmental footprint with every shipment. To further reduce waste, we offer all our brochures digitally upon request.

Sustainable tools

Pure & Original offers a range of premium paint tools designed with sustainability in mind. Our brushes and trowels are crafted from beech wood bearing the FSC hallmark, ensuring responsible forest management. What’s more, they’re coated with a sustainable varnish, reflecting our commitment to every aspect of the painting process being environmentally conscious.

Powered by solar energy

We take pride in leading the charge towards a greener future. Our manufacturing facility operates entirely on solar energy, making Pure & Original one of the pioneers in the sustainable industry. By harnessing the power of the sun, we minimize our carbon footprint while producing paints that bring color and vitality to homes around the world.