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Pure & Original Showrooms
Regional Installers


Showrooms offer a great opportunity to see our lime finishes in real. They also carry color cards, and a color-binder with all our color sheets, they can advise and will take care of your order. Showrooms carry no paint in stock.

Elizabeth Dow 

14 Gingerbread Ln, 

East Hampton, NY  

The Primary Essentials

372 Atlantic Ave,

Brooklyn, NY

About The Primary Essentials


Faux Decor & The United Artisans Guild


Franklin, TN


Jireh Painting

C 631 830-3080

P 631 537-3333

Bridgehampton, NY 

Texas Provincial

512 468 4565

Austin, TX

Wallworks Decorative Finishing

864 414 2596

Greenville, SC


'Regional Installers' are professional paint companies having experience with Pure & Original products or have attended special training by Pure & Original. Pure & Original will not take any responsibility in regard to the execution of the job or the general performance of the installer. Any disputes related to the execution of the job done by a qualified installer will have to be handled by the paint company and the customer.




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