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Canvas Licetto

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Licetto is a practical wall paint with a very matte appearance and is highly washable.

Licetto paint can be applied like any other traditional paint, either by roller,
brush or professional sprayer. We recommend diluting the paint with
a maximum of 5% water.

For untreated surfaces, we recommend the application of one layer
of Pure & Original Wall Prim, followed by two layers of Licetto.
However, if the Wall Prim is colored in the same color of the Licetto paint,
one layer of Licetto will do.

For painted surfaces, be sure to clean the surface well. Shiny surfaces need
to be sanded till matte. After this, continue as explained for untreated surfaces.

Highly-absorbent or porous surfaces should first be primed with Wall Prim
to reduce the absorption. Always read the data sheet before beginning your project.

Theoretical coverage: 100 ft2 / 9 m2 per liter (coverage can vary depending
on underground, application technique and dilution)

Our general color chart will give a reliable presentation of the color of Licetto.

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