Dead Flat Ecosealer

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Dead Flat Eco sealer

For high traffic or high humidity areas (for example in the bathroom,
around the kitchen sink)
it is recommended to provide extra protection.

Dead Flat Ecosealer is a matte, transparent and washable sealer.
Application: apply 2 or 3 thin, diluted with about 10% water, coats
with a brush (NOT with a roller to prevent air bubbles.)
Leave 4 hours drying time in between coats.

Usage on Fresco and Marrakech Walls: Let the lime fully cure for a
couple days, for dark colors a curing time of 7 days is recommended to
avoid the risk of a white haze. Avoid thick layers, apply thin coat(s).

Do not clean with corrosive acids, degreasers or abrasive cleaners.

Theoretical coverage after dilution: 150 to 180 ft2 per liter.

Note: this is a general application instruction and does not replace the technical datasheet.

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