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Marrakech Walls Sample package

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Marrakech Walls Sample package

It contains one can of 500 ml (16.9 fl oz) of Marrakech Walls and 250 ml of basic Wallprim.

It's possible to add additional Marrakech sample cans if needed here.

Indicate color choice using the “note to seller” option at checkout.

Marrakech Walls is a revolutionary, 100 % mineral (plaster) paint with a Tadelakt- or concrete appearance and a silky soft surface.

Ideal for walls, it’s simple and easy to apply with a brush or roller, followed by a trowel.
Marrakech is available in more than 150 colors. Marrakech Walls can be applied on smooth surfaces,
provided that the foundation is mineral or provided with a layer of Pure & Original Wallprim as primer.

For high-traffic or high-moisture areas, we recommend finishing with Dead Flat Eco Sealer; this will give protection and is easily cleanable.

For a silky soft shine and protection against dirt, we also carry a natural lime soap.

Please note that Marrakech Walls (lime-based), in general, may appear lighter than the colors
on the color chart (chalk-based paint). Consult our “product information” for technical
information and application advice.

Theoretical coverage: 145 ft2/14 m2 per 2.5 liter-can (1 layer will do) / 29 ft2 per 500 ml

Coverage can vary depending on the substrate, application technique, and dilution.

Please note that the 500 ml sample pot is a special service offered by the online store; the sample is custom-filled and will be provided in a generic paint can.

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