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OmniPrim Tinted

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Pure & Original OmniPrim is a high-quality universal acrylic primer for interior and exterior use with excellent adhesive and flow properties. For use as an undercoat to; wood, hard PVC and zinc surfaces, old layers of paint and varnish, and risky surfaces, before applying a finishing coat of Pure & Original varnish. Pure & Original OmniPrim also stops wood bleeding.

Most important characteristics
• Water-dilutable
• Eco-friendly and odorless
• Weatherproof
• Vapour-permeable
• Scrub-resistant according to DIN 53778
• Does not get yellow
• Easy to apply
• Early water resistance
• Excellent wet adhesion
• Block resistant / no bleeding

• Aluminum
• Wood paneling
• Zinc
• Hard PVC
• Wood
• Old layers of paint and varnish
• Smooth, hard surfaces

1 Liter (34 fl oz)

Theoretical coverage: 129 ft2 / 12 m2 per liter

Technical info sheet

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