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Spring is here!

It's that time of the year again. Spring has arrived. Days are getting longer, more sunshine, more vitamins, and more energy. It feels like a fresh start.

Nature is coming back to life with its stunning bright and sparkling colors. An excellent time to refresh your home and we love to inspire you with our beautiful paint colors. Did you know that we only use natural pigments to produce our colors?

No matter if you are painting a feature wall, a piece of furniture or the entire room, it will provide a new and fresh look, especially if you add a few accessories in a matching color. There are many inspiring mood boards created by professional stylists around the globe using the colors of Pure & Original.

(cred. by Tres Jolie Wonen)

Many more mood boards of different colors and seasons can be found on our Pinterest account. Or..start creating your unique color palette and ask for our hand painted color card.

Enjoy this inspiring time of the year!

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