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Kalei - Exterior Cottage Paint

The exterior of your home is the first impression. Ideally, it is consistent with the character of the interior. Whether your home is industrial, classical, modern, Kalei can add interest and protection.

Kalei is an ancient European product that protects the wall against the elements of the weather, debris, and moisture. It is breathable and both algae and moss-resistant. It can be applied to both new and old houses.

Pure & Original carries 2 different types of Kalei:

Calx Kalei; has a matte appearance and will not provide additional structure to the surface. Unique to the Calx Kalei is its “lotus effect”. This means that moisture is concentrated in drops and beads from the wall. This will prevent dirt build up on the wall, keeping the façade cleaner for a longer period of time.

Quartz Kalei; contains small pieces of quartz stone, which provides a subtle texture. This is a thick, heavy-bodied paint that will give a soft, “homey” look to the home’s exterior.

Both types of Kalei are ready mixed and tinted, easy to apply, and available in 90 colors.


- very matte

- excellent coverage

- breathable

- algae and moss repellant

- self cleaning

- it keeps the facade dry

The old world lime look combined with the characteristics of modern paints. Low VOC. These characteristics makes Kalei also suitable for interior projects.

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