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Differences Between Fresco Lime-Paint and Marrakech Walls.

What’s the difference between Fresco lime paint and Marrakech Walls? A frequently asked question!

Let’s start with the similarities; both products are lime-based, 100% mineral, high-quality paint finishes by Pure & Original, and available in 140 colors. Both products are: readily mixed, ready to go for usage, and the basic application is, even for DIY, pretty easy to adopt. Additionally; both finishes are mold and bacteria repellent and showing different tones in color.


The best way of applying Fresco is by using our special lime-paint brush, a long polyester-haired brush. The long strands provide a reliable structure to the paint and a textured effect. It’s not possible to apply Fresco by a roller!

Depending on dilution, the result can vary from a high covering finish on the wall to a transparent lime-wash over wood or brick.

The result is a matte finish, with different color shades (if colored) and the subtle texture of the brush, either in vertical, linear strokes or in a random cross-hatching way.

Marrakech Walls:

This is a heavier bodied paint, like lime-plaster paint, to either create the look of a concrete finish or a Tadelakt (Venetian Plaster) finish. The possibilities are endless, from a basic, minimalistic, stone-look wall to a high-gloss marble look and anything in between.

The application goes by a roller or a big brush, after about 10-15 minutes smoothened by our special trowel with rounded edges. The trowel part defines the basic texture, from perfectly smooth to heavy troweled or smooth with some charming imperfections.

After the application, it’s possible to create the finish you envisioned, by;

  • Slightly sanding for a minimalistic, matte, look.

  • Burnishing with the trowel for more shine and more movement in color.

  • Applying a skim coat on top with the trowel for a deep, marble look.

  • Applying a high gloss Italian Wax or a subtle silky Lime-Soap finish.

  • Applying a matte sealer for super protection to high traffic or wet areas (also suitable for Fresco)

Please note: for both finishes, it is good to know that whites will show no or minimal movement in color.

The charm is within the texture of the paint.

Credits pictures: Iris Floor

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