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Finishing Specials

Protect your walls against moisture and dirt

Fresco lime paint, Marrakech Walls or Classico chalk-based paint on the wall is great, but how do you protect the paint against moisture and dirt? Pure & Original offers different solutions with a wide range of finishing specials. This way you can use your favorite color also in the bathroom or kitchen.

The Pure & Original finishing specials are:


Dead Flat Eco Sealer: is a matte, transparent, and highly washable sealer. Perfect for high traffic and wet areas. Please note, all sealants will deepen the color.

Italian Wax: is a perfect finish for high-gloss fans, an all-natural wax, and easy to polish. The surface will be splash-proof after two coats. Medium washability.

Lime Soap: a natural, transparent soap and ideal for saturating a calcareous substrate like Marrakech walls. Applying with lime soap turns a surface slightly water repellent and therefore maintenance-friendly. It has a silky sheen and medium washability.

Italian Wax instruction video
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