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Dead Flat Ecosealer
Can I apply Marrakech Walls with any brush?
Yes, Marrakech Walls can be applied either by brush or by a roller.
Can I apply Marrakech Walls with a roller?
Should I use the Pure & Original spatula?
Not necessarily, but we advise to use a light spatula with rounded edges to prevent scratching.
After 7-10 days (when lime is fully cured, light colors after 4 days), apply 2 or 3 thin, diluted (+-15% with water) layers of Dead Flat Ecosealer with a brush or air-spray. Wait 12 hours in between the layers. Don’t use a roller to prevent air bubbles.
Technical sheet Dead Flat Ecosealer
Is Marrakech Walls environmentally friendly?

Yes, it's made of 100% mineral ingredients and very ecological. Due to the pH value of lime in the product, we recommend using hand gloves to protect your skin.
Should I prep the surface?

Yes, depending on the surface a decent prep may be necessary. For excellent adhesion
on non-mineral surfaces, we recommend one layer of Wallprim.
The surface has to be free of fat, dust and has to be coherent. 
Can I use any random primer?
No, P&O developed wallprim especially for Fresco Lime Paint and Marrakech Walls.
We can only guaranty good adhesion if you use P&O Wallprim.
Is it possible to apply lime paint on lacquer?

Yes, provided that, you sand it until it is matte and prep it with our special primer first.
Is it possible to apply Marrakech Walls over latex?

Yes. lime paint can be applied over latex, as long as the Wallprim is used first for good adhesion. Primer can be ordered in the same colors as lime paint.
What about Marrakech Walls on wood?

Yes, it's possible to  apply Marrakech directly on bare wood. On MDF we recommend applying one layer of Wallprim. 
Can Marrakech Walls be applied on plaster and stucco?

Yes, adhesion to a mineral surface is very good, as long as it is fully dry, well cured and solid. Remove loose parts and dust. Wallprim might be helpful to eliminate the absorbent property of stucco.
How long does it take for Marrakech Walls to dry?

In general, it takes 6- 8 hours to let it dry.
Can Marrakech Walls be mixed with other paints?

Is the color of Marrakech Walls consistent?
Due to the natural lime in Marrakech Walls, deviation in color may appear. The color also depends on the application technique and the use of a finishing product.  We'll be happy to advise you! If you need more than one can, we recommend to mix and match the cans. 
Note: It's normal that wet Marrakech is darker than the final dry result. The color of Marrakech can only be judged after all steps are taken (flattening, sanding and cleaning).
How many square feet can I cover with Marrakech Walls?

The general indication is about 60 sq ft/ per liter. It depends on the surface, dilution and application technique. 
Should I dilute Marrakech Walls?

No, unless it's very dry and thick. In that case adding a little bit of water will make it easier to process. Marrakech Walls is supposed to be thick, but smooth.
Does Marrakech Walls revile color?

No, that used to be the case with old lime paint, but not with our products.
Is Marrakech Walls washable?

No, not really. Marrakech Walls is porous; it will absorb the stain. We recommend to remove dirt asap with a warm damp cloth and if needed sand it slightly. It's recommended to protect high traffic areas and wet rooms with our Dead Flat Ecosealer. Lime soap will also give protection, but not as much as the sealer.
Can Marrakech Walls be applied in a bathroom or restroom?

Yes, Marrakech Walls is bacteria- and mold-resistant and very suitable for wet rooms.
For parts that are exposed directly to water, we recommend making it water repellant and easy to clean with our Dead Flat Ecosealer since water spots can cause stains on lime. Note: we don't support the use of Marrakech Walls on the interior side of showers.
Is Marrakech Walls heat resistant?
Yes, Marrakech Walls is inflammable. If protected with Dead Flat Ecosealer; the sealer is heat resistant up to 100 degrees Celsius /212 Fahrenheit.
How long can I keep Marrakech Walls?
In a closed can and frost free at least 12 months. Once opened at least six months. Marrakech Walls is 100% ecological and made with natural pigments. Dark colors can fade sooner due to the lime.
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Instructions and downloads
Marrakech Walls application video: Video link
Technical data sheetDatasheet Marrakech Walls
Safety Sheet Fresco: MSDS
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